About Chasing Carly

Chasing Carly started as a follow up blog to my first attempt at blogging "One Year in Bangers", funnily enough about the year I spent in Bangladesh. Chasing Carly is a blog I write mainly for my friends and family, but also for anyone else out there who happens to be interested in the following things:

  • humanitarian aid work
  • cute animals
  • travel
I'm an Australian aid worker with a large International Non Government Organisation (INGO) and have spent the past few years travelling from country to country working on different emergency responses. It's a lifestyle that is exhilarating and exhausting and I do try to post about the interesting elements of my work, though usually I sit behind a laptop for 10 hours a day, which is not so interesting. 

I love animals, particularly cute ones and every now and then I write about the animals I encounter on my travels at another blog called "Travel Tails"...but I'm not very good at keeping that one up to date. So don't be surprised if you find photos of cute little things popping up on this site.

Cheers, Carly. 


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