Monday, December 1, 2014

Under the Sea

I went for my first dive in over a month yesterday. It was so nice to be back under water, and though I'd been to this wreck before, this time I saw a lot more of it. And what made it extra cool was having J's camera at my disposal (although it had a bit of trouble focusing sometimes). 

I like these big clams very much. When you wave you arm over them they contract...this is amusing for me, but it probably means that they're not very happy clams.  
 Very pretty colours in the coral and the fish
 Some of the bones of the ship
I can't remember what this type of fish is called, but he was quite large
 A family of three lionfish - you don't want to get too close to these guys, but they're very graceful.
 These dudes are very inquisitive, and perhaps a little aggressive sometimes.
Happy Carly. 

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