Thursday, September 18, 2014

Scuba fun

My housemate J is a scuba instructor and takes various friends diving every weekend. She had offered to take me out for a test dive to see whether I liked it, and last weekend I was able to take her up on it. We drove for about an hour to Visale, which is a beautiful spot, and J proceeded to give me and a visiting colleague a briefing on how the equipment worked and what to do (and not do).
We then did some practice drills in the shallow water, which included inflating and deflating the buoyancy vest, dropping the regulator, finding it, clearing it and putting it back in and also how to clear the mask if water got inside (I would never have thought it possible to do underwater!). That's me on the left, notice how clear the water is!

And then it was time to dive! We didn't have to swim out too far to get to the reef, and there were loads of little fish swimming around. J had forgotten to mention that the mask magnifies everything, so I was blown away at the size of a sea cucumber - it looked like something out of Starship Troopers! But even after finding out that things appear bigger and closer, I still think it was a ridiculously large sea critter. We spent about 20 minutes underwater, and went down about six metres. I really enjoyed the experience and am going to do the Open Water certification while I'm here.
I spent the rest of the afternoon lounging in the little shelter that had been constructed (yea for shade) and enjoying the view. The sunset was particularly spectacular!
Happy days!!

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