Sunday, March 16, 2014

Adventures with Emma

Of course Emma and I did other things in Bali. Like shopping at Portobello
 spending a lot of time beside the beautiful pool
 eating lunch (and sometimes brunch) every day at Casa Luna
doing some more shopping
and more lunching
 basically feeling very relaxed and pleased with ourselves
 being blown away every time we went into our bathroom!
 And marvelling at the beauty of the Monkey Forest.
If you're planning a visit to Bali, I can't recommend Honeymoon Guesthouse highly enough. For the price you pay (which isn't a lot) it's extremely beautiful, located centrally and the staff are lovely.

I left Tacloban on Thursday morning to fly to Manila, then to KL and finally arrived in Ubud at 4am on Friday. The following Tuesday it was back to Denpasar, to KL and overnight in Manila, arriving in Taloban on Wednesday at midday. Honestly, by the time 6pm rolled around that day it was like I'd never been away...I'm still catching up on emails. But it was very, very needed, and very very worth it!!

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