Thursday, June 20, 2013

A long overdue letter

Dear Shwarma Man,

It's been a long time! About three years since I saw you. I was getting really disappointed as I hadn't made it up to Tripoli in the past five months to see if you were still there. But yesterday, I managed to get up north. And I managed to convince my colleagues that we should come and see you to get some lunch. I'm so glad they agreed. At first I was a little bit concerned, because your shop wasn't where it used to be. But as we kept driving down the road I spotted your name on the signboard....directly under my old apartment!! You'd expanded to a shop twice the size.

I was very excited when I walked in, and you were very busy. But when you looked up and recognised me I was so happy! My colleagues commented that they were amazed that you recognised me, but I knew you would. It was nice to have a little catch up with you, and find out that you've been in the new shop for two years. When you asked if I was staying in Tripoli I was very sad to tell you that it was only for a quick stopover to get the best shwarma in Lebanon. But that made you smile, so I suppose it wasn't so bad.

I wasn't nervous at all biting into the shwarma, because I knew it would be delicious, and it was.

Thank you Shwarma Man, for making my day!

Love Carly.

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