Monday, May 20, 2013

Lazy day at Lazy B

Ingebjorg and I went to our favourite beach place on Saturday, Lazy B. Here's a photo of the two of us:
We were well prepared for our day at the beach. Even though we had a beach umbrella poised over us (and the man who was responsible for adjusting couldn't seem to understand that I didn't want any sun on me, ever) we took no chances and slipped, slopped and slapped. Ok, maybe just slopped, but slopped a lot.
While it was a lovely day temperature wise, the same could not be said about the temperature of the water. The pool was quite chilly, I stayed in for about a minute. Later in the afternoon we went down to swim in the sea and it was only marginally warmer, but we managed to float around for a while.
Such a great day!!

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