Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Silliness

It's Friday afternoon, and I'm in the mood for a little silliness. Thankfully I didn't have to look too far for some silliness to share. In our office, we have a big room where there are loads of desks, a kitchen, a bathroom and two smaller rooms that have fewer desks. One of these rooms has a hidden room. On first and second glances, you wouldn't even notice the door, and if you did, you would think it was a closet. It's not just a closet, it's a water closet (a bathroom). Of course, the only logical thing to do was to name this hidden cupboard bathroom "Narnia".

Every so often someone asks where such and such is, and someone else will reply "Think they've gone to Narnia", and there are smirks all round. I went in there the other day and noticed a little grafitti on the standard sign that appears in all bathrooms in Lebanon:
"Do not pollute the great river of Narnia! Thanks!" 

It never fails to crack me up. 

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