Friday, April 5, 2013

Yes, this is about shoes

I loathe shoe shopping. Loathe it. So imagine my disappointment when I discovered over the past week that the three pairs of shoes I've been wearing day in, day out, for the past 3 months are all falling apart. Considering for the vast majority of last year (and probably most of the previous 5 years) I lived in flip flops, it was quite a change for me to work in winter conditions and have to wear closed in shoes all the time.

First, my knee high boots have torn away at the toe...yes, perhaps some super glue would fix the problem but these boots are about 3 years old and it's time to say goodbye. Secondly, my goretex shoes that have seen any number of muddy refugee camps have somewhat collapsed internally, which I painfully discovered after a power walk the other evening when my foot cramped up and I almost fell over. These shoes are also about 3.5 years old. Thirdly, the black Mary Janes that have lovely arch support have got holes in them. I have no idea how old these are, but for consistency's sake we'll say over 3 years old.

So they all have to go (on the up side, this means less space taken up in my luggage when I leave!) and that left me with the hassle of shoe shopping. Many people would be delighted for an excuse to buy shoes, after all this isn't a matter of want, it's a matter of need. But not me. I knew I needed a couple of pairs of spring-ish shoes, as the weather is starting to warm up, and a new pair of runners.

I figured the only way to make the shoe shopping experience less painful, was to buy shoes that would make me happy when I looked at them (and also when I wore them). Hence, blue runners:
Fawn flats with fluro orange trim and heels (my housemates in Yemen could confirm how much I've wanted fluro orange shoes in my life)
And green flats with a maroon trim and bright yellow bow...I mean, come on, these will go with everything!
Colourful things make me happy. While I'm sure there is a lot of truth to wearing colours that match your complexion, I'm a firm subscriber of the "if it's a bright colour that perhaps washes out your colouring but it makes you happy when you wear it, then you should wear it because everyone looks good wearing a smile" school of thought (I may have just made up that particular school of though). I think if I apply that logic to my clothing, then it fits with shoes as well. So, in a nutshell, I'm very happy now that I have colourful shoes.

Speaking of colourful, the sunset was pretty nice this evening.
I've been meaning to write a more serious post about the situation in Syria, and the responses I've been working on, but my brain hurts at the end of the day, so much so that I find myself writing a lengthy blog post about shoes. We're expecting a bit of a big internal change next week, so perhaps that will inspire me to write something more. Insha'allah, you won't have another blog post about shoes for another 3.5 years at least! :-)

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