Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Byblos afternoon

My friend A and I took a little trip up to Byblos on Sunday afternoon. It was her last chance to see something (anything) in Lebanon after only being here for a short time from HQ. The morning had been a bit rainy and cold and grey, but we decided to go anyway. There were some blue bits straining to poke through the clouds when we arrived at the harbour. 
We then wandered around the old castle, which had a pretty great view out over the sea.  
We stopped to take a couple of pics in the ruins of a teeny tiny theatre - look at the teeny tiny decorative columns!
And then I had to bust out a quick to say, the accoustics weren't great with all that sea breeze about.  
We admired the little railway that seemed to go nowhere 
And then finished off with a late lunch, a cold Almaza, and a spectacular sky over the harbour! 
It wasn't my first trip to Byblos, but it was really nice to get out and about in the fresh air for a change!

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