Sunday, March 31, 2013

Beirut Shoot

I had a fantastic afternoon wandering around Mar Mikhael with Ingebjorg and Kristin, browsing through funky little stores and marvelling at how lovely and warm the temperature was. The first stop of our photo shoot were these colourful stairs. As I was sitting there, this old man approached enthusiastically humming the American national anthem...well, not humming, it was a lot of 'ra pah pah pah'. I told him I wasn't American, so he asked me to sing my national anthem. I declined, but he was still happy to jump in for a few photos...what a character! 
After some more wandering we headed for a most incredible 'brunch' (it was more like a late lunch!) at Tawlet. Somehow, Ingebjorg and I mustered up the energy on our full bellies to do a little "Where's Wally" photo shoot. We'd passed what looked like a graveyard for old buses  and headed back there. The gentlemen there were happy to let us in, but told us to make it quick. 

Wally was very happy to be going on a bus ride 
 But this bus wasn't going anywhere any time soon!
 I love the reflections of the buildings in the window.
Ingebjorg must have an encyclopaedic knowledge of Beirut graffiti, because she remembered this one from our last visit here together in October. I can't decide if this is more Munch, or Home Alone. 
We kept walking around the little streets and I noticed an open doorway (beside a bright yellow Lamborghini  and stepped in to check it out. It was the perfect setting for a silhouette. 
All fun and games this weekend!! :-)

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