Monday, February 25, 2013

It kind of is about me...

Weh over at Why Dev wrote an interesting post ("Hey aid worker! It's not about you.") about how aid workers portray their lives online. I've read the article twice, and all the comments, and find myself swinging between agreeing with a lot of it and feeling that it was a bit of righteous indignation.

I just spent some time going through the points and drafting rebuttals to justify the way I write my own blog. But you know what? It doesn't really matter. I have this blog, where I share the things that happen in the course of my working life and my personal life (and so often the two collide) and that's fine. As Weh says, It is also true that those responsible are just displaying enthusiasm for their own lives. True, it is up to us to ignore them if we find them irritating or offensive. 

I think aid workers should be mindful of the way they portray their interactions with beneficiaries (that's why we have the Red Cross Code of Conduct for the work that we do), and I like to think that I am mindful of this in what I put on this blog. But for the rest of it I'm not so bothered. I live a pretty interesting life at times (though I sit behind a desk most of the time) and I like to share the exotic bits of that with my family and friends (and whoever else on the internet reads this). I'm not going to apologise for it or pretend that my work is a sacred calling that I must sacrifice all enjoyment for (and I'm not saying that's what Weh is calling for). I have this career which I love, and enjoy sharing excerpts of it with people. And with a blog named Chasing Carly, well it kind of is about me, and I think that's ok. 

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