Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Increasing my word power

My colleague has started giving us a word of the day. It started with:

Supercilious (adj): haughty, arrogant, proud (The prince gave a supercilious smile when the wrong fork was used by the visiting ambassador)

That was a word I'd heard before, but couldn't define. We've since moved onto focussing on Scottish words:

Carnaptious (adj): bad tempered, snappy (The man at the little shop is a carnaptious old thing. Note: this is a permanent state of being, not just for someone who's had a bad day)

Bumfled (adj): creased or wrinkled (I didn't put away my clothes so they were all bumfled in the morning)

Glaikit (noun/adj): stupid, thoughtless, vacant (She stood there with a glaikit look on her face when asked what the definition of carnaptious was)

So to use them all in a sentence: My supercilious expression couldn't be hidden as I noticed the carnaptious old glaikit's clothes were bumfled.

Why don't you go ahead and drop a couple of these into conversation today!