Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A lot to catch up - Hajja Edition

I really wanted to write about my adventures in Hajja, but it's 4:38pm and I clicked send on my malnutrition project about 20 minutes ago and am completely drained. Relieved, but drained. So I'm going to let most of these pictures do the talking for themselves.

The bustling metropolis of Haradh, from the balcony of the "Duby Nights" hotel
Colleagues cooking up a delicious dinner each and  every night
See what I mean!

School girls fascinated by M and myself...but mostly M!
Waiting for the cash distribution to start
First man of the day to receive cash  
This is Amin. He's five, malnourished and blind.

Happier kids hanging around the distribution (fair enough, it was at their school!)
M and I try to hide from all the sand
Women receiving hygiene messages before a cash distribution in Abss District (I love how colourful they are)
There's nothing much more fun than sitting on a motorbike and making broom broom noises, as his smile clearly indicates

Pretty pathetic looking donkling
Shueeya was so welcoming to us, especially after we told her she was a cash beneficiary - she hadn't been told!
I had to organise a secret project for Oxford and these guys were some of the most willing participants. Such fun!

I'm so glad I had the opportunity to get out to some of the field sites to spend more time with my colleagues and the people we're working for! 

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