Monday, October 1, 2012

Busy little bee

It's been a remarkably hectic period since I got back from the field. We've had an internal evaluation team in, and organising the logistics of their visit took up a lot more time than I would have expected. I knew two of the team members already, so it was nice to catch up with them, and I think the results of the evaluation (which we try to do early on in any response to ensure we're on the right track, or if not, work out how to improve the response) will be really useful for the team. I've also been frantically trying to finish up a couple of pieces of work that I've had hanging over me (seriously - never say 'there's no deadline' to me!) and inducting the person who'll eventually take over my position.

We've also had a couple of days of lock down, conveniently (for the security manager) on weekends and public holidays, and the Old City is now off limits to us until further notice. So that's a bit of a bummer, as it's a nice way to kill a few hours on the weekends! But thankfully, volleyball started up again last week (after a 4 week absence) and I somehow managed to get sunburnt on the backs of my legs and tops of my feet - well, it's not really a mystery, I just neglected to put sunscreen on my legs!

The most exciting thing to report is that I'm now just 40 hours (insha'allah) away from getting on a plane out of here to Lebanon, for a well deserved break! I can't wait to catch up with friends, eat and drink whatever I want, not be covered from head to toe, do some shopping and generally just unwind and take it easy! The weather forecast is looking good for the first few days, so I'll be breaking out my sun dresses and soaking up all Beirut has to offer!

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