Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hot as Hades in Haradh

Well, I can't say I've really seen much of Haradh, a city (?) 8km from the border with Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately (for me) I wasn't able to get out to any of the field sites we're working in, as I had too much work to do with the team in the office. It's been a couple of long days, and very hot ones at that, it must be around 38 degrees - the air conditioning doesn't really seem to work in the programme manager's office where I've taken up residence. So nothing to report really. Haradh isn't a big place, it seems to be one major road (and by major, I mean 5 lanes on each side - funded by the Saudis and built by the Chinese - it's incredible). The buildings seems to mostly be a couple of stories high, boxy, nothing to write home about really.

But when I looked out my hotel window yesterday, I saw this:
There's nothing I can tell you about these houses, but I wish I was staying in Haradh longer to find out more. I'm heading back down to Hodeidah this afternoon for another day and a half. Fingers are crossed that I'm not stuck in the office there the whole time! 

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