Monday, August 13, 2012

Friday Fun

Friday was another wonderful end to the weekend. The morning started with more Top Gun-esque volleyball playing and in the afternoon I headed back to the Old City with some colleagues to do some shopping. 
 It was much more crowded than the last time I'd been, and it was quite an effort to wade through the streams of (mostly) men to get anywhere. We ended up at a fancy jewellery place to run an errand, and spent a lot of time admiring the antique jewellery and jambiyas (the cermonial knives that Yemeni men wear around their waists).
 Earlier in the afternoon there'd been a bit of storm; it hadn't seemed that heavy at volleyball but it was enough to make driving through the Silah more interesting. The Silah is a road most of the time, but when it storms it acts as a drainage canal. Our intrepid driver Hossein decided to take us through, and it was quite entertaining to watch the people sitting on the sides being entertained by us.
 The storm clouds cast an ominous light over the Old City, but it didn't rain again.
 Once again I went up to the roof of the Burj Al Salam hotel and the view didn't disappoint.
 We decided to get iftar and dinner at the restaurant on the roof - also not disappointed! There was so much delicious food. While expensive relative to other restaurants, we thought it was still a pretty great bargain.
The drive home took quite a while, as every man and his dog seemed to be trying to get both ways down one way streets in the old city. There was a lot of beeping, reversing and fist shaking from all parties. We finally made it home at about 9pm, and I was looking forward to getting up to the apartment to admire some of my purchases. Of course, I somehow tripped up the stairs, landing on the knee I'd already scraped earlier at volleyball (it's a lovely shade of blue/green today) and smashing the beautiful white plaster/stained glass candle holders I'd bought.

Ah well, I got them for a steal, and it's an excuse to go back and do more shopping!

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