Thursday, July 19, 2012

Yemen's Hunger Crisis

My colleague has produced the video below following a recent trip to Al Hodeidah where we're distributing cash to enable people to buy food, and other essential items they need.
The situation in Yemen is dire: a World Food Programme assessment found that 10 million people don't have enough food - this is 44.5% of Yemen's population. Of these 10 million people, half are classified as severely food insecure, meaning they are unable to produce or buy the food they need. The markets are functioning, but people can't afford to purchase the food they need.

The flow on effects of this make the situation worse. Children are being taken out of school to find work, young girls are being forced into marriages as their families can't afford to feed them, and people are buying food on credit and falling further and further into debt.

Oxfam hopes to reach 1 million people, but due to a lack of funding, we only have money to reach 250,000.

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