Saturday, July 28, 2012

Thirty, Flirty and Thriving

I've been in my 30s for a day now and I must say, I had a pretty great start to this new decade. On Thursday night my wonderful housemate E cooked up a storm with a lasagne and this delectable chocolate cake for 6 of us. 
My friend EJ, who I worked with in Pakistan gave me a fantastic gift that I'd had my eye on: these chunky retro head torches from the old city, which came in very handy as the power was out until about 8pm!
 EJ is a star!
I also had the absolute pleasure this week of meeting R, who I've known through blogging and twitter etc for a couple of years. I was so glad she was able to spend her last night in Yemen with us!
 Once the party got started after dinner there was some serious foosball going on,
and I was thrilled to have about 20 new friends (and I'd met almost all of them before!) come along to sit in the garden with a few drinks...of course there was gin, it wouldn't be a birthday without gin!
My housemate K is housesitting for someone at the moment, so we took advantage of the beautiful garden to have the party in.
Yesterday on my actual birthday it was business as usual at the weekly volleyball game. There were more people than I'd previously seen, enough to have four teams. While the day started off hot and sunny, after a couple of hours the rain came, and we just kept on playing - though the water logged ball was particularly painful and the muddy patches just grew and grew.
After getting thoroughly saturated I headed home for a nice hot shower, a birthday nap, and watched the most suitable cheesy movie I could find - "13 Going on 30" (that's where this post's title comes from). I don't think I could have asked for a better birthday!

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