Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Really, next stop: Yemen

It's been a while between hearing that I was going to Yemen, getting a visa, and getting a flight confirmed. So I've been at home, enjoying the Gold Coast "winter" (alright, there were a couple of days where it was raining and miserable) and hanging out with Jules in Brisbane on the weekends.

Last weekend we took Holly for a drive up Mt Tambourine; neither of us had been in years and it was a gorgeous day to wind up through the eucalyptus trees.

We pulled over to watch a hang-glider take off; waiting for the wind to be just right
 And then there was this crazy guy who just ran off the hill with a parachute and what looked like a sleeping bag (I'm sure it wasn't actually a sleeping bag) that he tucked his feet into once he was up in the air to end up in a seated position. It looked more comfortable than hang-gliding, but there's something about charging off a hefty drop with just a parachute billowing behind that doesn't grab me...
 After a bit of antiquing, I very magnanimously let Jules drive us home, and it's almost as much fun in the passenger seat as it is in the driver's seat!
 We followed a sign to the Cedar Creek falls, and the sound of this bubbling brook was rather peaceful
 The falls themselves weren't all that spectacular, but it was really nice to enjoy the sound of rushing water and the birds.
I made sure to savour the feeling of the sun on my arms, the fresh clean air, and the green of the rainforest...these will all be in short supply for the next three months. I'm all packed up to fly out tonight, and am really looking forward to getting stuck into some work, and catching up with old mates in Sana'a.

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