Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fun and Games with the Fluffies

I decided I wanted to buy a tennis ball so I could play with Fluffy and Fluffette but I could only find foam balls at the supermarket yesterday. I picked up a couple and couldn't wait to get home to play with the puppies.

It started out as I expected it would. They both ran after one ball, Fluffy (the boy) would grab it and snarl at Fluffette if she tried to get to it first. Then surprisingly he brought it straight back to me and dropped it at my feet. We carried on with one ball for a little while, but I felt sorry for Fluffette as she wasn't getting a go. So I threw the second ball, and she charged after it and immediately ran and hid under a car, chewing away happily. Fluffy didn't like this, so he ran over, dropped his ball beside her and grabbed hers out of her mouth.
Of course, she simply just picked up the ball he'd dropped and got back to chewing. It took Fluffy a few times to realise that this was a vicious circle and that he needed to run away with the ball.
We played for about half an hour, and towards the end they were so tuckered out that they were more interested in just flopping on their backs for a belly rub than chasing after the balls.
Such happy dogs!

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