Monday, March 19, 2012

Fountain and River

I worked most of the weekend, so was thrilled to get out of the office/guest house/same old lunch restaurant and finally see something else in Juba. What we saw was a 'resort' called Oasis, which has one of the best fountains I've ever seen:
Yep, that's a gorilla spewing water out of its mouth.

We sat and watched the Nile flow quite rapidly past us, but unfortunately there was no breeze and we got stickier and sticker as we sat in the shade. Sweatiness aside, it was a very pleasant spot to sit with a Tusker or two (or three), and the below photo made me wonder if once upon a time a certain captain had had a few too many Tuskers too...

I've only got a week and a half left in South Sudan - I'm hoping to get out to one of our field sites later this week, but then will depend on the security situation. Otherwise, it looks like I'll have a grand total of 7 photos from South Sudan!!

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