Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cat, the cat

This is Cat.
Cat was my friend Marion's cat (Marion used to live here but left the wilds of Juba a while ago), but she's a communal cat now. I'm assured that she's been vaccinated for rabies. Cat is ridiculously friendly, not very cat-like at all. Whenever I sit down I can bet that within a few minutes, Cat will be on my lap, purring away happily (and causing me to overheat completely).
She's also a bit naughty, as I often find her shut in the kitchen, curled up on one of the dining table chairs...can't blame her, it's nice and cool in there. But she's a pretty good sport about it and will usually follow me out, or at least not bite me when I pick her up to put her outside again.

Cat is a much better cat than the 6+ other cats of various sizes that roam the compound. They're all scraggly and look like this:
Crazy eyes.

So now you've just about seen as much of Juba as I have: the road, the restaurant, and the Cat!


  1. ooooh I so miss her! Hope you are doing well Carlie, and give her a special cuddle from me... and maybe some yogurt - she used to like it!

  2. Will do Val - and if you wanted to send over any of your Mum's lasagne for me, I mean Cat, to try I'd be happy to pass it on... ;-)