Monday, February 27, 2012


I spent a good couple of hours last night playing Kumiliki, a game in no way resembles Monopoly, except for the layout of the board, the rules, the whole concept...

You can learn a lot about Nairobi and surrounds by playing Kumiliki; the most expensive square on the board (usually Mayfair) is Karen, the uber expensive suburb 30 mins from Nairobi. The green blocks are where the UN is. The least expensive square (usually the Angel Islington or something like that) is Kibera, the huge slum. It turned out that the suburb we live in just happened to be the square that we all seemed to land on most often - unfortunately another player had built 4 houses on the property, which charged 92,500 shillings (or about $920)...bye bye savings.

Another slight difference with Monopoly were the Chance and Community Chest cards, known as Harambee and Bahati...there wasn't an obvious pile of good and bad cards (like how community chest cards are normally more favourable than chance), and the bad cards were really harsh, like giving up all the property developed on a square if you didn't have planning permission. Ouch. And instead of railway stations, there are 2 airports and 2 shopping malls.

I lost dismally. I'm pretty good when it comes to Trivial Pursuit or Risk, but Monopoly, I mean Kumiliki, has never been my forte.


  1. I have been trying to find this game to give to my son-in-law who is Kenyan. It is really hard to find but perhaps I will just stick to regular monopoly!

  2. Hi Diane, a very quick google search found that you can buy it online here: (not sure how much the postage would be).