Wednesday, February 8, 2012


It's ironic that I came to Kenya to do my work because I wasn't allowed to work in the UK, only to be told last Friday that I should work from home for the next week (at least) as there might be a spot check by the Immigration department and I (and others) don't have a work permit for Kenya!! So I've spent the past few days shuffling from couch to couch as the sun moves around the sky, cursing the internet as it drops out consistently (the skype icon turning green again is always a cause for mini celebration), but also enjoying the pleasures that working from home include (like working from the couch).

There hasn't been a whole lot going on otherwise. Last night I caught up with a friend who was part of the very small expat circle in Tripoli, Lebanon. She's been doing amazing things with ICRC since then, and it was really great to catch up on all her news, and the news of mutual friends.

So in recognition of days spent at home, here's a photo of a sunset from my balcony...

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