Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A cold change

I was all geared up for a two month stint in HQ, prepared to enjoy the benefits of being based in a nice city, with (very necessary) hot showers, and drinkable tap water and a whole crew of good mates. Unfortunately it turns out due to visa restrictions I'm only really allowed to be here for 2 weeks.

So I'm heading off to Nairobi (as some of the work I'm doing involves a couple of countries in the region) to sit in the office there - I wasn't prepared to fly all the way home and manage a 10 hour time difference. Now I have to squeeze in all of the things that I wanted to do in 2 months into the next week (well, Stonehenge is out of the question now)...can't say I'm going to miss the freezing temperatures in the UK!!

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