Monday, January 30, 2012

Back in Nairobi

The only times I've been to Kenya were in winter, and I must say, I much prefer Nairobi in the summer! It's sunny and warm (in the high 20s) and I find it much easier to function when it's not below 10 degrees. Thankfully, a number of my friends are still here, I've moved back into the same apartment block, though a floor up to an apartment that has much more comfortable furnishings than the last one! And conveniently, the office moved in the months that I was away, it only takes a few minutes to walk - in fact, the longest part of my walk home is up the four flights of stairs!

The work I'm doing is a combination of fascinating and drudgery; I have to really motivate myself to do the more laborious bits and pieces and not focus solely on the innovative, interesting parts. But at least I get to do that in a nice building where my desk looks into a sunlit atrium, and not in the dreariness of cold England.

And perhaps most excitingly, I went into my old apartment yesterday to borrow some coathangers (I never truly feel like I'm "home" until I can hang up the few items I have that require hanging) when lo and behold I found an old friend...

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