Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Two Carlys

My Dad thinks I may have two personalities, and I'm starting to think he's right. The first is the exciting Chasing Carly you're probably really missing right now - the one who finds crazy statues to photograph and drinks gin and is adventurous and has lots to write home about. The second is the less exciting Chasing Carly you're stuck with for another 6 weeks at least - the one who hasn't picked up her camera in weeks, only eats ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch and doesn't necessarily leave the house during the day and has nothing to write home about because she is at home and it wouldn't make sense to write home about being home.

But I'm going to start trying to bring more of the first Chasing Carly into second Chasing Carly's current lifestyle. I left the house not once but twice today. I took my Mum to a Zumba class, which was actually good as it was just as daggy as jazzercise (which I miss immensely) and a fun way to start the day. Unprecedentedly I left the house again to meet up with one of those 'small world' friends for an exotic dinner (tofu! weird little seed things!) at a vegetarian restaurant staffed by a "hunky Hare Krishna waiter" (not my words).

I can feel Carly #1 making a comeback already...

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