Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cleaning out

I'm going through piles and piles of old papers that definitely don't need to be kept (like training manuals from courses 3 years ago) but pausing on a few bits and pieces here and there that bring back memories.

One such piece of paper was folded up and at the very bottom of a drawer. It's the post description of my job in Lebanon, but that's not why I kept it or why it brought back memories. On the back are scribbled the phone numbers of my friends in Lebanon, which I hurriedly jotted down when I had to hand back my work phone, just in case. And it was a very lucky thing that I'd done that, because on my last day in Lebanon I managed to get locked in the apartment. Locked IN.

So there was some climbing over the balcony onto an air-conditioner and down onto the lower balcony, then in through a window in the stairwell and finally outside (good thing we were on the 1st floor), to find a friend to borrow a phone to call my housemate to see if she could come back with the key (she couldn't). There was a lot of rigmarole involved, including sign language with the guys across the street at the vegetable stall to borrow their phone, talking to strangers who fortuitously knew my landlord (he was a well known man about town obviously) but the landlord never answered his phone in the mornings and was therefore no help, racing up 9 flights of stairs to my friend Oli's house as the power was out only to discover that they weren't home, to finally remembering the folded up piece of paper and calling my friend Chadi to come and rescue me.

And that's the short version of that story, but suffice to say, without Chadi I have no idea how I would've gotten my luggage out of the apartment had he not broken the lock, gone to the hardware store and installed a new one!

Ah, memories!

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