Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Working from home - video fun edition

My first batch of leave is now over, and so I find myself turning on my work computer, clearing out my inbox, and deciding how to best tackle the sticky information management issues I want to write simplified guidance for over the next month.

And the best way of doing that is putting it aside and concentrating on my new video editing software!! How could this possibly be considered working from home? Well, I'm trying to be a bit more creative with the information products I create, and video is one aspect of that, which I need to improve my skills on. Hence the work time and the new software!

To see what it (Adobe Premier Elements 10) can do, I decided to use the "instant movie" function with the clips I filmed in Zanzibar. It took a very long time (and the software decided to include a clip of complete darkness that I'd forgotten to delete, so its recognition of good clips isn't the best...) but eventually it finished processing and, as I expected, it's pretty terrible.

So I present to you "Zanzibar - Obnoxiously auto-created."

I'll attempt to make a better version on my own (minus the horrific graphics) and will post at a later date, but am going to tackle a tougher subject first with my next hard hitting video report; my dad's veggie garden...

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sam's 180

I house and cat sat for Rowan in Canberra last week. I made sure to find out where the cat brush was, because once upon a time Sam the cat wouldn't come near me unless I had the brush.

Times have changed...

Sam wouldn't leave me alone...ever!

A complete personality change - I guess he's matured in the past 4 years!!

Here and there

It's been a busy couple of weeks for me. I was home for less than 24 hours before I jumped on a plane to Sydney to get down to Woollongong for little Audrey's 1st birthday party (along with cupcakes there was fairy bread!!)

and a couple of days later, a Melbourne Cup day function with some pretty gorgeous girls!

The following weekend it was off to Canberra to see Rowan (who looked absolutely beautiful) marry Sergio (who looked dashingly handsome) in some lovely surrounds on the edge of the ACT (might have even been in NSW).

The rest of the week was spent hanging out with Jez and Em, who came up from Melbourne especially!

So we did arty farty things like go to galleries and stuff

and also caught up with some other friends from Bangers, Pierre brought his lovely new wife and Lindy brought her lovely new bub (as well as her lovely husband that we know from the 'desh) so it was fantastic to catch up with them and find out how differently life has been for them the past few years!!

I rounded the two weeks off with a debrief on my year in Bangladesh - most of the other people there had returned home in the last six months, so everything was still really fresh for them. It was nice to reminisce with old friends and new, but now I'm looking forward to not being on a plane until after Christmas!!