Saturday, September 17, 2011

Not something you see everyday

I went for a 5 minute stroll to the ice-cream store to meet a friend. We sat outside, marveling at the sunshine which has been a bit of a rarity the past month of so. After an hour, I strolled home again, holding my breath down the little alley way near our apartment block that had such a stench to it.

I knocked on the gate and the guard opened it up smiling. "Hello!! We have a horse!" "We have a horse?" I asked, not sure if I'd heard correctly. He opened up the gate and let me in. "There are two horses! he exclaimed. And sure enough there were two horses. "What are the horses doing here?" "They're giving rides to the children." "Just around the carpark?" "Oh yes, just around the carpark."

So I patted one of the horses on the nose, and watched as a little boy was lifted onto a horse. His mother said that he would love it. But after a few steps she changed her mind and said he didn't like it. He was holding on quite tightly to the neck of the horse's owner, who was slowly leading the horse around the parking lot. And sure enough, a smile broke out and the little boy squealed with delight.

"Not something you see everyday," I commented to the guard. "No, not every day," he said with a smile.

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