Friday, September 30, 2011

Last day

Wow. 3 months has certainly flown past! Today marks the end of this deployment. It's been an interesting experience, particularly the month I spent in Ethiopia. I do wish I could've gotten out to see some of the sites in Kenya, but not to worry (there's always a chance I'll end up back here next year...) I've really enjoyed meeting so many different people; with three country programmes and a regional centre, there has been no shortage of interesting, dedicated and friendly people to work with, and a couple of pretty great housemates as well!

As with most last days at the office, I'm just tidying up a few things, clearing out my emails, planning my holiday...the usual! I'm off on an adventure next week, then I'll head to Oxford for a couple of weeks, and finally home at the end of October, 6.5 months after I left for Liberia!

It's amazing how much work has been accomplished in the last three months, we've reached close to two million people with different services, including emergency water trucking, cash, repairing boreholes and distributing household necessities. 2 million people is a pretty impressive number, but there is still much more that is needed. If you haven't already donated any money to the crisis in the Horn and East Africa, please do so if you're able to!

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