Monday, August 29, 2011

Tweet up IRL

Last night I had the absolute pleasure of dining with two twitter/blogging pals. I'd met Cynan, who blogs over at LaVidaidLoca for the first time earlier in the year and our mystery guest was none other than Michael Keizer (A Humourless Lot) who had disappeared off the map for quite a number of months, which caused the creation of his own twitter hashtag: #FindMichaelKeizer. Cynan had also dubbed him Michael Keizer Soze (if you haven't seen The Usual Suspects go and find it now and watch it so you understand the reference!) so we were very happy to hear from him and head out for dinner.

The three of us met at a nice little Italian place; as Michael in town for a bit of a holiday from the wilds of Somaliland a pizza and a couple of beers were a welcome treat. It was super to finally meet Michael, having followed his blog and twitter for ages, and we had quite a nice evening discussing annoying donors, annoying requests for information, and aid work more generally.

It's nice to find out that the people you admire and respect online are just as interesting, funny and entertaining in real life. We have a great little online aid community and I really hope I can meet more people around the traps (perhaps discover the secret identities of some of them!) in the near future!

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