Saturday, August 6, 2011

Info management is media, is IT, is what the?

I introduced myself to a colleague yesterday. The exchange went a little something like this:
"Hi, I'm Carly, the regional information manager for the response."
"Hello, I'm such and such, let me tell you about what I do..." blah blah blah
"Ok, great. Well let's talk in a couple of weeks about any 'capacity building' I can potentially do for your team."
"Yes, that would be fantastic. So is your speciality media? video?"
"No, I do information management, data stuff."
"Oh, so you're the I.T. person."
"No, not information systems, information management. Um, I write sitreps and try to figure out the numbers of beneficiaries."
"Oh, so you're a comms person."
"Well, sort of."
"So can you give some training on media?"...

Head, meet wall. Commence banging.

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