Sunday, June 26, 2011

A super day

There was breakfast at the patisserie and some shopping - thankfully the early morning rain had scared away a lot of the harassing men that usually latch onto us at the market!

There was some culture at the Artist's Village - after a Chinese company finished building the stadium in Dakar, artists lobbied the government to give them the barracks to use as workshops and display areas. There's a big gallery that was unlike any gallery I'd been to before - see if you can spot why...

And also see if you can spot what else is in this picture

I saw a painting that I was particularly drawn to, which I thought was a pretty good deal. But I left without it. If I'm still thinking about it in a week then perhaps I'll figure out a way to acquire it.

Finally there was dinner was a friend, at the western most point of Africa, Point Almadies.

A super duper day!


  1. All art galleries should have cats, in my opinion

  2. there was another teeny one too, but he ran away. What's your professional opinion on sand floors in galleries?