Saturday, May 7, 2011

Salaam walikum, kemon achen?

One of my colleagues is from Ethiopia; we greet each other in Arabic.

One of my colleagues is from Bangladesh; the look on his face when I greeted him in Bangla was priceless. He always asks me how I am in Bangla when we speak on the phone, and I wish I could remember more than just a few words.

Now if only I had colleagues from Spain and Japan I could roll out my entire repetoire!

Changes are afoot in Liberia. I'm moving to the regional office in Dakar, Senegal to take on the information management for the emergency responses in Ivory Coast and Ghana. I've also just found out that I'll be heading back to Oxford for a week to attend the annual learning forum for roving staff. But before I get there, I'm heading out to one of our field bases next week for a few days. Can't wait to see the program in action!

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