Monday, May 9, 2011

Laid back

It's been a pretty great weekend, short as it was. By the time Friday rolled around, we were very keen to get out of the office, and even attempted to leave an hour early. The sun was already setting as we waited for the car situation to be sorted out.

And as I was fiddling with my camera to get the sunset, the clouds didn't cooperate and I missed the best part. But I did spot this on one of the cars...

We finally headed for a place downtown called "Tides" which had a big deck that looked out onto the water. It was interesting looking over to the other side of the water - it's a bit hard to see but it's a big slum.

After a couple of drinks there, we headed to my favourite place in Monrovia, the Golden Beach hotel, and I met up with a friend from Lebanon and had a great time catching up. But even with the extra hour sleep in, it was a bit of a struggle at work on Saturday, and a couple of us snuck out an hour early...rebels...

This morning I spent some time with Korto, one of the guards from our office. She'd told me about her family and it was nice to spend some time with them. Her 4 year old daughter Lila was fascinated by me, her little boy started screaming at the sight of me and cried himself to sleep in Dad's arms!

This afternoon we headed for an unknown restaurant overlooking a lagoon, finding out its name was Lagune suddenly made a lot of sense. We waited a good hour for our food (which for me was way too spicy) and had a couple of beers. The cool breeze was a welcome respite from the humidity.

We'd already asked for the bill when two older gentlemen at a nearby table sent us over another round of beers. We politely thanked them and carried on. When the waitress finally brought over the bill, she said the men would like to buy us some more beers. We tried to refuse, but she convinced us that we should accept them, and take them with us. She was quite the schemer!!

Tonight I'm throwing a few things in a bag - I'm heading out to Zwedru in the east for a few days to try and cement the information systems I've developed, and more interestingly, see some of the sites we're working at. I'm really looking forward to getting out there and seeing what's going on, but not looking forward to the 9 hour car journey!

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