Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dakar, not Dhaka

Six days in Senegal and there really isn't much to tell. I have a nice apartment, which I'm by myself in at the moment, but you never know when that will change. It has a nice balcony which overlooks a relatively bustling street, and every so often I hear the clip-clop of horses hooves and along trots a horse pulling a man on a cart. So far all the carts I've seen have been empty, so I'm not sure what they usually lug around.

I have a short walk to the office in the mornings. Apparently winter is on the way but for me, the temperature of around 26 degrees with a nice breeze is perfect. I'm looking forward to exploring the fabric markets and having some clothes tailored.

But first, I need to line up a French tutor, I'm getting very good at saying "je ne parle pas francais"!

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  1. Hi Carly, just stumbled across your blog. Dakar is a fascinating city - head to the lighthouse for great views, and if you get a chance to get out of the city, Thies is a nice insight into life outside of Dakar