Wednesday, April 13, 2011

To pack or not to pack...

I just had the following conversation with myself:

-Should I really pack my Gore-tex rain jacket?
- It's coming into the rainy season in Liberia
- Yeah, but the last time I packed it I didn't use it in a whole year
- But you just don't know with rain
- That's true, but how much time am I going to spend outside anyway?
- Yes, a very good point. Probably not that much time, and don't you have an umbrella?
- Of course I have an umbrella, it's got a penguin head on the end of it (and yes it's from Japan) and that would probably be sufficient for someone who's going to be sitting at a desk for many, many hours a day
- and isn't your gore-tex jacket a bit bulky? Could the space be used for something else?
- well I wouldn't call it bulky, it rolls up to almost nothing. Then again, I'll probably need to pack my other Gore-tex jacket, the slightly thicker one, just in case it gets a bit cold. And I might need it for warmth in the UK. Gore-tex is a funny word isn't it? Gorrrrrrrre-tex. Goretex. Gore-texxxxxxxxxxxxx.

I'm taking it out.


  1. I can't believe you are pondering over this!! Gore-tex is ALWAYS needed. Perhaps you don't know about the direct correlation between the number of Gore-Tex items you own and your level of happiness?

  2. There will be 2 gore-tex items: a windstopper jacket and my shoes. Of the three gore-tex items that I own, which makes me pretty happy, taking two of them should keep me relatively happy. Right?

  3. In that case, James, you must be the happiest man alive :)

  4. I would take the Gortex and leave the umbrella! Even if it DOES have a penguin head. (Umbrellas are overrated.)

  5. The penguin head really improves this umbrella though R! If you just wear a jacket than the top half stays dry but the bottom half gets soaked. If you have an umbrella, quite a lot of you stays dry, unless it's torrential rain coming in sideways and wind that blows it inside out. I think having my slightly thicker gore-tex jacket AND the umbrella is a winning combination!