Monday, April 18, 2011

Modern art frivolity

I'm flying out of Brisbane tonight, so Julie and I decided to check out the Gallery of Modern Art since they have the slippery slide exihibition (it's two big slippery slides inside the museum). I saw it at the Tate a few years ago but the line was too long so I didn't bother sliding down. Of course, Julie and I didn't realise it was school holidays and since it was a rainy day the place was absolutely packed out with kids, so again, I missed out on sliding. One of the exhibits I did like was the "Make a wish wall" (or something like that). You write down your wish on a little square piece of paper, roll it up and stick it in a hole in the wall. Then you can choose one of hundreds of different ribbons that have other peoples' wishes; picking one that speaks to you. So I chose:

Another one of the fantastic school holiday installations was a giant glass room filled with big purple balloons. It looks like so much fun, but the line was going to take an hour so we didn't bother. I joked to Julie that we should just go home and fill her shower with balloons...

Such fun!!


  1. I managed to injure myself on the slide when I was there a few weeks back - I didn't take them seriously when they told me to keep my elbows in.

    My ribbon read "I wish I had a nice garden"