Monday, April 11, 2011

First impressions of the kindle

My new little kindle arrived today. I went for the smaller version 3, with free 3G (apparently) and wifi on sale for $189. With postage to Australia it didn't come to much more than that. First impressions are so good (I haven't actually read much as yet, there might have to be another post on that at a later stage), it's lovely and light, the magic screen does sort of look like paper, and the fact that it has a web browser is super.

But back to the weight (also, notice the lovely screensaver when you put it to sleep; one of many literary related pictures):

only 233 grams (I do this because the weight is advertised in ounces on the amazon site which means absolutely nothing to us metric folk)! But what is 233 grams really Carly?

Well, it's really light!

It's less than two small tins of tuna, and only slightly more than two normal sized phones.

You can't really make out the quality of the text in this image, but what you can see is that it's 19cm long in total, the screen is about 13cm tall. Which puts it at a size that could fit into any handbag I own, and it would be swimming in the bag I usually use for carry on. The text size is adjustable - I have it on the second smallest, so you could fit even more on the screen if you wanted to.

Navigation is pretty straight forward, though at this point in time I think it's easier to search for books on my computer and wirelessly transfer them than do it on the kindle. I've just been browsing through the Limited Time Offers section of the kindle store to see what other free books are available (besides the classics which of course I will steadily make my way through!) and boy is there a lot of crap!! Whenever I need a romance novel fix (like if it's been too long between chapters of Disastrous Passion) I now know where to find a selection of the trashiest books including "Hot Moon Rising" and "Maui Heat" (I haven't read the blurbs but you can trust me on their trashiness).

I've quickly looked at the annotating which is extremely simple to do, and the immediate link to the dictionary may come in very handy. I'll also have to investigate whether the kindle will play mp3s and let you read at the same time, but I probably won't bother with that since I have a perfectly capable ipod to play music!

I think the kindle is going to be fantastic to travel with and the text really does look like a book. It looks like a display model that is never switched on, that someone's printed out and stuck a page onto. That's how good the text display is.

Colour me impressed.

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