Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Carly for Bathrooms

You will of course, remember my not-for-profit service "A Carly for any Occasion" and my previous foray into painting for Julie. Turns out, I'm somewhat better with a roller and a paintbrush than a spray gun though will happily leave painting bathroom ceilings to the more experienced - I'm sure chiropractics was invented to treat Michaelangelo.

Julie, being the good girl that she is, let me paint a picture on the wall (which will be covered by a mirror later) while she was doing something more technical involving architraves. I had to play with the contrast and fill light to get it to show up on screen, so please don't think that Julie has decided to paint her bathroom paua shell colours!

Yes, you are seeing that correctly; it's a llama on a tropical island with a treasure chest, some coconuts and a skeleton. A happy carnivorous llama! This is why painting isn't my hobby. Obviously.

Good thing I'm going to Liberia soon, I have too much time on my hands...


  1. Liberia? i hardly know 'er!

    love anything llama related - nice work :)