Saturday, April 23, 2011

Car photos

With today being Good Friday the power was turned off in the office at 2pm, so the 7 internationals here working on the response decided it was definitely time for lunch. I didn't care where we went, I was just excited to see more of Monrovia. I'd been impressed with the quality of the main road, and was keen to see how many other roads were paved. The answer is not many. Drive more than 20m off the main road and it's dirt. As the title says, these are photos taken from the car, so I apologise for their crappiness!

I spotted this little guy and was impressed with his show of colours. I recently read somewhere that lizards communicate by doing (what looks like) pushups. And that's exactly what he was doing!

We finally ended up at a place run by Lebanese so I figured that was the best choice on the menu...the beef shwarma made me miss Shwarma Man like crazy!

I'd seen this billboard on the way to work - I wonder how effective this campaign is.

Further along the road from this billboard are some dusty soccer pitches. I noticed a guy on crutches playing in a match which I thought was interesting, until I saw that all the players were amputees on crutches, except for the goalie who only had one arm. And they had mad skillz!

So there you go, a few introductory photos to Congo Town, Monrovia.

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