Sunday, March 20, 2011

To have a hobby

I realised the other day that I don't really have any hobbies. At least no hobbies that are out of the ordinary. I read. I blog. I take photos, but nothing that's really interesting. I have friends who scuba dive, and paint, and sew so I decided it was time to come up with a new hobby. The first thing I did was discuss this with my friend Vardy on the drive down from Brisbane. We determined that hobbies fall into three categories: sports, arts and crafts, and plain weird. So we didn't get too far in actually determing a hobby I could take up. The second I did was google hobbies. The lists that came up didn't really interest me: candle making, cross-stitch, sketching, rubber stamping, collecting coins or stamps, casino gambling (this really was listed as a hobby), gardening. All a little arty and crafty (or weird - gambling? really?) for my taste.

My next step was to pose the question on facebook. I considered the merits of each:
  • Kirsty in Iraq suggested whittling - I'm more likely to take off the top of a finger than actually make anything that can be identified, plus Australian quarantine would probably confiscate all of my pieces of 'art' on return to Oz.
  • Chaz in England suggested horseriding - could be an occassional hobby, but the term 'saddle sore' exists for a reason that I'm not keen to experience again. She later suggested chocolate tester, which I consider to be a lifestyle choice, not a hobby.
  • Adrian in Germany asked about TV, namely bad yet addictive reality TV - I love bad yet addictive tv, but it's usually not reality tv. And, not really something I want to admit to people at dinner parties...
  • Kristen in Pakistan suggested photography or film making, which are probably the only things I could properly claim as a hobby now. I was so inspired by her comment that I thought I'd try to get into some filmmaking and put together the clips I took in central America. But windows moviemaker didn't like the file extension and wouldn't let me import the clips so I gave up on that.
  • Moutushi in Bangladesh said that I could try to write about different experiences from different countries - which is what I do here, so I guess that's another hobby I have.
  • Wendy, lately of Darwin, thinks that online stalking to impress my friends with random details of their pasts is a neat idea. Why she's telling me to do something that I've been doing for years....j/k :-)
  • Rowan in Canberra gave me one word. Jazzercise. Yes, jazzercise is an excellent hobby and one that I miss terribly. But not enough to put on the Jazzercises DVD that I took with me on my recent travels - it's just not the same by yourself.
  • Finally, Greg in Japan said, and I quote directly "Throwing stale croissants at preschoolers is the first thing that comes to mind." With a pre-school just around the corner, I figure I can try this one out tomorrow and report back.
So, to sum all this up, it would appear that I do have a couple of hobbies, but I'm still on the lookout for something a little bit different, a little bit unusual, that I can do no matter where I am in the world. Thoughts??


  1. What ever happened to your knitting? I still have Munch on my desk with his awesome caveman owner. This project could keep you entertained for a few months:

  2. Knitting is very much a winter hobby, and it always seems to be summer where I am!! I'll have to see if I can find the dinosaur pattern book - if I can make more dinosaurs and cave people then I'll be more inclined to go out and buy some needles and wool!! Think I might leave the royal wedding for the royalists out there, though I do love the corgis!! :-)

  3. You should design, build and fly high power rockets, like me. :-) Too bad the regulatory environments everywhere except for the US are a bit unfavorable...