Thursday, March 31, 2011

Career advice

I spent a couple of hours this afternoon at the Bond University career fair, manning a stall for the Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development program. Many of you will remember that I went to Bangladesh as an AYAD and think the program is a great way for young professionals to get the field experience they so sorely need to get a job in the aid world.

For two hours, I repeated my little spiel about the program and tried to emphasise the need for students to gain work experience while they were still studying. This wasn't something that was ever discussed during my time at Bond, and I could see that many of the students had the impression that they could walk into any job (or volunteer program) they wanted to as soon as they graduated. Is it wrong that I took some pleasure in telling them the average age of the people in my intake was 28 and therefore unlikely that they'd be selected straight out of uni?

It was nice to share my own experiences about Bangladesh and reminisce about some of the challenges as well. My old housemate Lily was looking down at me from a poster on the wall, and Pierre was in the magazine on the desk in front of me, so it was a lovely trip down memory lane.

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  1. nothing like taking the youth down a peg or two eh? hang on, that's what old people do, right? carly... you know what this means...

    oi, and you owe me an email for a change!