Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quiet times at Racho Relaxo

I'm home. Being home is great because I don't really HAVE to do anything. Sure, I COULD go through all the clothes that are piled up and figure out what to donate and what to keep. Sure, I COULD go through all the bank statements from the past months, and perhaps take one of them over to the driver's license place to finally change my license back from the ACT one I've had for years.

Instead, I've been doing fun stuff like hanging out with my friend Julz in Brisbane, watching all of the Harry Potter movies before going to see the new one. (It's alright, a bit slow in places, but at least they can act now.) And just puttering around home, marvelling at the temperate weather which is lovely, but not quite warm enough to be in the pool. Mainly just enjoying the little things that I've discussed before, that make being home such a wonderful place to be!

My brother gets home from Japan for a visit tomorrow so it'll be a full house for a while. There probably won't be anything exciting to write about, but maybe I'll find some cuteness to post!

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