Saturday, November 20, 2010

A proud new owner

Ever since I left Lebanon I've been regretting that I didn't buy a carpet in the Middle East. When a couple of colleagues mentioned they were going carpet shopping today I jumped on the bandwagon and met them at Naqash Carpets. They'd already been there for about an hour, and had whittled their shortlist down to about 6. As Mr Khan laid out carpet after carpet, I started to make a shortlist of my own.

In the end, I fell in love with two. And since I've never bought a carpet before I couldn't just choose one, so I bought them both.

This one is from Mishwani in Afghanistan, and it's a carpet kilim mix. I think it will go perfectly under my beautiful big square wooden table.

This one is a very special carpet from Kalaino (also in Afghanistan - Mr Khan is from Khandahar), and it's about 30 years old. When you look at it from one end it's dark, and light from the other.

Thankfully, Mr Khan (who is a lovely man) was able to roll them into a small little package which will be shipped home to Australia within a month. I mention this so Mum and Dad won't have to worry about these carpets taking up a lot of room in the shed!! Perhaps my next purchase should be a house to put these in!!

Mr Khan was pretty sprightly for his age, and must have some serious muscles from heaving carpets around all day.

And frankly, anyone who has a cat sitting on a carpet outside advertising his wares is my kind of carpet man!!

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