Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hot Spots

We've had a few new people come in, and my social life has increased exponentially. A group of us went out to the super secret Chinese restaurant, where you can buy beer from the only brewery in Pakistan (Murree, not bad!) and then we headed to Hot Spot for dessert.

The place appears to be an old train carriage that is totally plastered in movie posters.

And there's interesting graffiti on the walls outside

On Friday night, after a very embarrassing moment on a teleconference where the fact that I wasn't extending my contract was made very publicly, before I'd had a chance to tell people myself, a few of us headed to the underground bar at the Marriott.

One of the guys came rushing back from the bathroom to ask if anyone had a camera

I wonder if foot washing is common place in expensive hotel lobby bathrooms?

Saturday night was poker night at one of the guesthouses, but before the cards started we were serenaded by one colleague (who's actually a professional musician), and another who had us rolling on the floor with his version of Titanic.

I only won one hand in the poker tournament, my Bangladesh shark abilities left me high and dry. But it was a super fun night, with super fun new friends!

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