Friday, October 8, 2010

Surprised Skunky

I'm sorry, ok. I'm sorry that there isn't anything to write about at the moment. Believe me, you're lucky I didn't have the time to blog yesterday because you would have been subjected to a massive rant on all sorts of things, but mainly related to me being tired and stressed and NY HQ being too many hours behind us! Today has been a slightly better day, though I've felt like a bit of a glorified secretary (not that there's anything wrong with being a secretary!) drafting letters, booking cars, printing stuff etc. But it all comes under the banner of donor relations which is (part of) what I'm here for, so it must be done!! It just feels like my 'real' job is being pushed aside, even though all of this is my 'real job' too. Some days you feel on top of everything, some days are overwhelming. I can only count my lucky stars that every day of the past 5 weeks I've been here HASN'T been like the past two!

Perhaps related to the metaphorical stench of all the work piling up around me that's starting to go off while it's ignored as other urgent things require immediate attention, here's a video of a baby skunk.


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