Thursday, October 14, 2010

One day more

It's been a crazy week. I've been averaging 11 hours at work every day and the pile of work barely seems to get smaller. It's always nice when something actually gets ticked off and it's a big thing. I organised a donor briefing for our Representative, which sounds like all it would involve is inviting some people and making sure there's a room to do it in, but in fact involves putting together briefing notes, handouts and chasing up attendees. Of course, I didn't do this single handedly, the communications team were a massive help. But at the end of the morning, the briefing was well attended and well received. It's the thousands (ok, slight exaggeration) of other little tasks and emails that pop up constantly that make achieving any real head way seem impossible, that don't really count as things I can cross off my to do list.

But there's just one more day. One more day to finish off a massive report that's an important fundraising tool for next year. One more day to write down what will need to be done while I'm away. One more day to check a couple of small proposals that of course have been requested with the shortest possible notice. One more day which will include a night out with friends. One more day until I'm able to get on a plane and fly to a week of freedom!

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