Sunday, October 10, 2010

Good times in the 'bad!

Went out yesterday for a spot of shopping before heading to the office, and on the way spotted this poor chap. There are no rickshaws or tuk-tuks in Islamabad, but there are a lot of bikes, and even bike lanes.

The shopping was extremely successful, and I now have enough outfits for the working week. One of my new favourite things is this one:

At first glance it looks like a pretty normal kind of top, albeit very yellow. But when you look a bit closer at the silky edging on the collar, sleeves and hem there's something a little bit peculiar

Skulls and crossbones hidden amongst the diamontes and flowers! I couldn't leave it behind!!
We then hit up The North Face and I'm much more prepared for the 5 degree weather I'm apparently headed for in Oslo with a new jacket, some thermals and a new carry on backpack. I estimate it cost about 1/5th of what you'd pay anywhere else. I love a bargain!

And then there was the highlight of the weekend, Emma!!
So this is for Jez...hi Jez!!! ;-)
We had a girly night in and watched "The Gods Must be Crazy" which was absolutely hilarious. There is no way anyone could make that movie now, it just wouldn't happen and yet it's so cute. Today we went for pedicures and massages at the divine Nirvana spa, and now it's just a spot of work before turning in for an early night tonight. Another big crazy week awaits before I can leave for Norway!

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